TABC Certification Course Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General TABC Certification Course Information

+ How long is the online TABC certification online course?
The online TABC certification class is approximately 2 hours in length, but it is self-paced, meaning that you can take it as quickly or slowly as you wish.

+ Is there a time limit for completing the online TABC certification online course?
No, there is not a time limit once you begin the course. The only time limit that exists is that you must complete the course within 6 months from the date of purchase.

+ Can I log out of the TABC certification online course and come back to complete it at a later time?
You can log out of the TABC class at anytime and your position in the course will be saved.  Your position in the online TABC class is saved at every screen you view. When you return to the course, you will begin from where you last left off.

+ Is there a time limit for completing the online TABC certification online course?
No, there is not a time limit once you begin the course. The only time limit that exists is that you must complete the course within 6 months from the date of purchase.

+ Is there a final exam at the end of the online TABC certification course?
Yes, by TABC regulation, each student must complete the TABC certification final exam with a minimum score of 70%. The exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions.  If you do not pass the online TABC exam on the first attempt, you may take it again immediately. If you fail the TABC exam on the second attempt, you must retake the entire TABC certification course from the beginning at no additional charge before attempting the final exam again, per TABC regulation.

+ Will my computer work with the online TABC certification course?
Our online TABC certification course will work on almost any computer with Internet access. Prior to beginning the online TABC training, our system will check your computer to ensure it meets the minimum requirements. If your computer does not meet these requirements, you will be instructed on how to continue.

+ Can I use a dial-up or modem connection to take the online TABC certification training class?
Yes, our online TABC certification course works with both dial-up and high-speed internet connections. Our system will detect which type of connection you are using. If you are on a slower connection, you will be enrolled in a low bandwidth version of the online TABC certification class. If you are using a high-speed connection, you will be enrolled in the high bandwidth version of the online TABC certification class. You can toggle between high and low bandwidth versions of the online TABC course by clicking the headphones icon within the course.

+ What happens if I have technical difficulties or the system malfunctions during the course?
If you experience any problem while taking the course, then please call 1-800-442-1149 (press 1 for Customer Service) or e-mail @ for assistance. 360training provides customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

+ Do I need to use a PC? What if I have a Macintosh?
If you have a MAC, then you can still sign on to take any of our classes. Many of our customers have taken their courses on MACs and had no problems whatsoever. However, be aware that our technical support team may be unable to assist you, should you encounter technical difficulties. They do not have MACs and, therefore, may be unable to replicate any problem you may encounter. If you have a MAC, then you will need the latest version of Internet Explorer, as well as the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.

+ Do I need to have sound on my computer to take these classes?
While sound is another feature of the course, it is not necessary for a customer to have sound in order to learn the course material or complete the course. All information played in audio is also displayed in text by the course player.

+ What happens if I get disconnected from the Internet?
If you get disconnected from the Internet, then you will need to log back into your account. If this happens, then you will be returned to the beginning of the lesson that you were working on when you were disconnected.

Purchasing, Enrolling and Taking the Online TABC Certification Course

+ What methods of payment are accepted?
You may pay using all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express or electronic check payment (Telecheck). PayPal is accepted. You can set up a PayPal account for free at You can link your bank account to your PayPal account in order to pay for the TABC course. The system does not accept pre-paid credit cards, pre-paid debit cards, or gift cards.

+ Is it secure to send my credit card information over the Internet to pay for this course?
Yes, the course web site incorporate HTTPS technology – making it safe and secure to process monetary transactions. HTTPS is the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol with SSL Encryption. It is the most popular network protocol for establishing secure connections for exchanging documents on the World Wide Web.

+ Why do I have to answer personal validation questions?
Per TABC regulation, our online TABC certification class includes a personal validation system.  The validation system is used to authenticate you as a user while you progress through the TABC course. Before you may begin the course, you must answer the personal validation questions. It is important for you to remember your answers to these questions as you will be required to answer these same questions at random times throughout the TABC course.

+ The registration page is asking me to give my driver’s license or state ID number. I do not have a license number. What should I enter?
You do not have to have a driver’s license or state ID to register for our online TABC class.  We only use this number as the unique identifier in our system for you to login to your account.  We do not report this information to the TABC. If you do not have a driver’s license or state ID number, you should use another number that you can easily remember.  We suggest using the combination of your birthday. For example, if your birthday is October 24, 1985, your login ID could be 10241985.

+ I already created an account and purchased the online TABC course, but I am unable to log back into my account. What do I do?
You can log back into your account with the driver’s license or state ID number and password that you entered during registration. You must enter your license number exactly as you supplied it during registration in order for the system to recognize your account. If you do not enter it exactly as you did during registration, the system will not recognize you.

Your login is case sensitive; therefore, if you used upper or lower case letters as part of your license number or password when you registered, you must enter them exactly the same way in order to log back into your account. If you do not remember the driver’s license number and/or password you provided during registration, please contact us at and we can supply you with the correct login information.

+ When I click the course title Texas TABC Seller-Server Certification Course, the TABC course player opens, but the screen is blank?
In most cases, this means your Flash version does not meet the minimum requirements. Go to to upgrade to the latest version of Flash. You should restart your computer after installation.

+ I have completed the TABC certification course, but my information is not in the online TABC database. Why isn’t my information there?
Once you complete our online TABC certification class and pass the exam, we enter your certification information into the official TABC database.  Your TABC certification will be in the TABC database within 3 business days from the date of course completion.

+ I failed the final exam twice and my TABC course is locked. How can I continue?
Per TABC regulation, you must take the entire TABC training class again from the beginning before you can take the final exam again. However, we do not make you pay for the TABC class again. If your course is locked because you failed the exam twice, please contact us at and a representative will make the necessary changes to your account for you to continue.

+ When will I get my official TABC certificate?
Once you successfully complete the TABC online course and exam (passing score is 70%), you can immediately print your official TABC certificate. It will also be emailed to the email address you provided during registration so you can print it later if needed.

+ I lost/misplaced my official TABC certificate. How can I get another TABC certificate?
Your TABC certification is still valid even if you lose your certificate. At anytime, you can reprint your official TABC certificate by logging into your account and clicking on the small printer icon next to your completed course. This is your OFFICIAL TABC certificate.